Updating assemblyinfo

17-Apr-2018 01:34

After setting up the build number, you must choose MSBuild as the Build Runner, then provide a path to your build file (Build.proj).After specifying your MSBuild Version (equivalent to your .The first target, “Update Assembly Version” just runs the Regex Transform, and the second target, “Build” just runs the default MSBuild on our solution.Now we have a build file which can replace assembly version numbers and build, so let’s setup a quick batch file to be able to build locally.Thus your build number format might look like this: 2.0.1..During each build, this value will be created and passed into the $BUILD_NUMBER variable of our file, which then uses it to decorate your assemblies with the proper version.In here you can put any information common to all your assemblies, including the version number.

All of the code from this post can be found at https://github.com/srkirkland/Build Version.Also we’d like to have a flexibility to define what build configuration to use (debug, release, etc).In order to find/replace the version number, we are going to use a Regular Expression to find and replace the text within your Common Assembly file.Of course you are not really going to want to run a build command manually every time, and typing in incrementing version numbers will also not be ideal.

A good solution is to have a computer (or set of computers) act as a build server and build your code for you, providing you a consistent environment, excellent reporting, and much more.

When distributing a library you often run up against versioning problems, once facet of which is simply determining which version of that library your client is running.

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