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30-Nov-2017 21:10

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However, I eventually found myself trying to explain why I no longer drink, why I thought sex outside of marriage was sinful, and even why I won’t kiss on the first date or at any point during the dating period (I find that assumption comical, by the way. The dates turned into Christianity 101 for non-believers, which is simply not ideal in dating situations.Do guys really think they deserve a kiss after paying for one meal?! If you’re going into a dating relationship with the belief that you can evangelize your date, I encourage you to re-think that approach and consider more neutral opportunities for evangelism. Here’s my mathematically precise breakdown of the 8 kinds of guys I encountered on both dating apps: Perhaps the most disappointing but unsurprising conclusion so far is there are also many men on these apps who purport to be Christian, but they do not reflect their beliefs in their lifestyles.I consulted scripture and researched various views in the debate surrounding the use of dating services by Christians.On one side, there are those who oppose the use online dating because they believe it fosters a shallow dating process and betrays faith in God.

Lurking somewhere in the middle are those who are neutral, as they don’t see an inherent wrong in using such services to meet new people. I think the use of online dating boils down to a heart issue: Are you using them out of desperation because you want to take advantage of the perceived control you have over your love life, or are you using them because you want to expand your network while trusting in God’s timing for potential relationships?

The process for a creating a profile is simple and leaves room for honesty and creativity.

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