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The amount of time that they receive the publishers stream is added up to the account of the board owner.Example 1: Call between team members If 2 team members spend 1 hour on a board in a video conference, each of them receives the stream of the other for 1 hour.If this happens to you, please reload the board a few times and try screen sharing.We've already logged a report with Firefox and Tokbox and are working on the issue.For each publisher, count the number of subscribers it has, and sum up this count over all publishers. As a general guideline, you can think of the following constraint as holding true for broadcast sessions: During a conference call on a board, conference participants publish a data stream (audio, video, etc.) to all other participants on the board.These users count as "subscribed" to the publisher's stream - they can hear them, and see them, or their screen.If someone has already started their video/audio chat, you may click on one of the conferencing buttons under their video/audio stream.You must allow Conceptboard to use your camera and microphone, and install the extension to allow screen-sharing.

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Click allow and your video or audio feed will turn on automatically.

Each user can enlarge a video or screen-sharing screen by clicking the enlarge icon in the upper right corner of the video/screen-sharing feed.

For multi-party video sessions in the browser, Tokbox supports up to 25 users both publishing and subscribing in the session.

Please make sure everyone is wearing headphones to minimize feedback on the calls.

"you need to consider both the total number of publishers and the total number of subscribers.

Click on it and then on "Always allow" or "manage camera settings". The first time you use the screen-sharing feature you must install an extension (don't worry, it's fast! After clicking on the phone or video icon, a pop up window will appear on the upper left asking to use your camera and/or microphone.

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