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"Genetically, she's gonna be a star," The Miz told TMZ Sports ...pointing out that his WWE superstar wife, Maryse, is a physical specimen, too.She is finishing her Ph D in Religious Studies and is also the host of a pop-culture based web show called The Meister Piece.Follow her on Twitter at @susie_meister or check out her website at Road Rules: Latin America Theo lives in Santa Monica, California and is primarily a stand-up comedian, but also a television host.Known for drunken fist fights and loads of drama, there’s always more boozy hookups and embarrassing confessions than actually saying, “I love you.” But through the craziness and over the years, there have been couples who have stood the test of franchise who have schooled us on how to fall in love.

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She is also the lead singer of a band called Hawkeye, which released their debut album in July 2013. Naomi lives in the Bronx, New York and is a writer and TV host for her own webshow and magazine based production companies. Follow her on Twitter at @Naomi MTV or check out her website at Official Website of Naomi Defensor Real World: San Diego 2011 Marlon is focusing on his music career under the stage name Jay Dillinger, and has released a mixtape, an album, and several singles featuring some of his Portland roommates. Nia splits her time between Atlanta and New York City as a model and inventor of a fitness product called a “booty belt”.Follow him on Twitter at @Theo Von or check out his website at Road Rules: The Quest Rachel lives in Miami where she owns her on fitness company and works as a trainer and fitness specialist. Follow her on Twitter at @rachel_fitness or check out her website at Diem is the founder of Med Gift, a company which gives gifts to patients in hospitals, and is also a television reporter and host. Follow her on Twitter at @Diem Brown MTV or check out her website at

These social media elements that appear in a course are called "mashups." A mashup combines elements from two or more sources.… continue reading »

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At the Spring Fling dance, Regina's new boyfriend, Shane Oman, is elected King, while Cady is elected Queen.… continue reading »

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Laughing out loud folks because it actually took four days, just four days of their time together for their passion to steam up my glass lenses. It left me hanging high up on a precipice wishing I had the follow-up at hand.… continue reading »

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Raise Your Voice hits theaters October 8, 2004 and Oliver plays the part of Jay, a cute musician that Hilary meets at a summer music camp.… continue reading »

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Classic Party Rentals is the nation’s largest event rental company with over 30 years of experience.… continue reading »

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