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Ref no 131017QFFHMV and 161017QFH7YP remain unattended to and/or ignored!!! As stated many times before no words can describe how bad your service is and how bad my feeling towards your company is.

This is really pathetic service from Bonitas Bonitas... It is not a case like Adele would say "I wish nothing but the best for you..." on the contrary. I have honestly not had 1 pleasant experience with you.

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What i dont understand i have been filling medical aid applications like non stop and now that i have the medical aid it cant be active i have to wait 3 months but they deducted my money so fast another guy who jst filled once an application has his medical aid active and laying in hospital right now which i dont see any fairness in this i wasted my airtime and time calling in if i never saw the deduction on my payslip i would not know i must say discovery is unprofessional in they service...

In addition we had to make ridiculous co-payments because the benefits of this medical aid was insufficient. I Have been with Audi Center Springs For four years and left the company. The new company Auto Alpina medical aid is Discovery.