Dating epns

04-Jul-2018 12:33

If you want to learn more about famous British silversmiths then click here (an ongoing project).If you want to learn more about silver-smithing then click here.The minimum standard of silver within Britain has always been set at the Sterling standard (92.5 %), and this is represented by the Lion, either passant (English) or rampant (Scottish).

This is a unique system and is the main reason, coupled with the excellence of the silversmith, that British silver is held in such high regard.What follows here is a brief overview of silver hallmarks in England, Scotland, and Ireland.It should be used as a guide only, and we recommend using the Bradbury's Book of Hallmarks (ISBN # 0953174123).Today the only assay offices that are left open for silver hallmarking are London, Birmingham, Sheffield, Edinburgh, and Dublin. The alphabet cycle is used to indicate the date of manufacture.

With the letter changing each year you would expect only 26 options, but after each cycle the style of the lettering changed, and also the shield that the letter was surrounded by.For example Paul Storr, Hester Bateman, Christopher Dresser, and Omar Ramsden.